Don’t Lose Your Man Card!

Man-Riding-Motorcycle-600x375 (2) - Copy   You don’t have to lose your man card to come to Church. I know, this sounds like an oxymoron; the word “church” and “man-card” typically are not used together. For most men, church is about babies, women’s clubs, boring Bible studies, getting dressed up, singing and the list goes on. None of these things resound to a regular Joe as “MANLY”. One man said the reason he did not like going to church was because he felt like he had to leave his testosterone at the door.

Let’s see how well this works out in any one of a thousand scenarios played out every day around the world. This is a conversation between Chris (the church guy/family guy/ take his kids to the park guy) and Gunner (we are not real sure what his real name is, but he only goes by “Gunner”). Gunner is a military kind of guy who drives a 4×4 truck. He is single now because his first wife left him and his girlfriend just moved out. Something about “not being sensitive enough”. So, here is how it goes;

Chris: Hey Gunner, let me ask you a question.

Gunner: What?

Chris: Well, I was just wondering what you might be doing this Sunday?

Gunner: Sleeping til noon, then going fishing til around 6, and then watching the game with the gang til whenever. Why? What’s Up?

Chris: Well Gunner (placing his hand on his shoulder), I noticed that you may be having some problems with relationships and even some built up anger. And I just want you to know that Jesus Christ can help you, He wants to have a personal relationship with you Gunner. Jesus loves you and I would like to invite you to come with me and my family to church this Sunday morning.

Gunner: Get your hand off my shoulder you weirdo!

So we put poor old Gunner into the “doesn’t want to make a commitment” category and go and invite a lady to church. A lady who has just been dropped by a guy like Gunner. She feels mistreated, unwanted and abused. Her name is Melanie;

Chris: Hey Melanie, I noticed that you had been crying. Are you OK?

Melanie: Not really… (she spills her life story for 25min).

Chris: Well Melanie (placing his hand on her shoulder), I noticed that you may be having some problems. And I just want you to know that Jesus Christ can help you, He wants to have a personal relationship with you Melanie. Jesus loves you and I would like to invite you to come with me and my family to church this Sunday morning.

Melanie: Oh Chris, I would love to join you and your family. Church is just the thing I think I might need right now. Thank You.

You see, there is a vast difference between Melanie and Gunner. If we try to place Gunner into the Melanie box, he will most assuredly bolt. The last thing that sounds even remotely manly is to have a “personal relationship” with a man. Even a man named Jesus. The fact is this, Chris has it all wrong as most of the men at church do. Men are not looking for a relationship, they are looking for a challenge. Manly men are task oriented not relationship oriented. Consider the call from Jesus to His disciples; Jesus did not go up to Peter (the strong, blue color fisherman) and ask him if he wanted a personal relationship with Him, but rather said “COME, and follow me”. Think about how this resounds in the heart of a MAN. “Follow Me” indicated that Jesus is going somewhere. Men need a mission and instinctively we all need a strong leader. Notice that Jesus never begged these men to join his team but rather proposed to them an impossible challenge that only few “real” men would ever dream of attempting. Read Matthew 10:16-30…go ahead I’ll wait til you get back. Really go read it.

Okay. What did you think? Jesus obviously did not use the same tactics as our Chris in the scenario above. Jesus understands that there is a certain type of MAN that will not give his all unless danger is on the horizon. Jesus has NOT called you to come and sit on a pew or sing in a choir or even teach Sunday school to children. He has, however, called MEN to build a Kingdom. Not your kingdom, but HIS kingdom. He has called you to fight against the greatest enemies on earth and that is the force of Satan and the spirit of the world. God has called MEN to take dominion over yourself, your family, your city, and the world. God has called MEN, not to run in the face of danger, but rather to STAND and fight the enemy until the death.

The mission, if you choose to accept it, will most likely cost you everything, but your reward will be hero status and a crown in the Kingdom that you are helping to build. So, how about that Gunner? Do you think you want to come and see what this is all about? Saving the world from the forces of evil, or watching the game with your buddies? The choice is yours…count the cost….consider the weight…and if you think your man enough to be called an apostle, then we will see you this Sunday.

Oh yeah…one more thing…you will need to bring your man card with you, or they won’t let you in the door.

~Pastor David Whitaker

Thoughts gathered from:

‘Why Men Hate Going to Church’. by David Murrow


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