Satan’s Question

Satan’s question has been the same since the very beginning: “Hath God Truly Said”?

 His first question was to God himself. “Hath God said there is only one that is worthy of praise” (Isa14:12). Simply by asking the question and thinking the thought, it cost Satan his position in heaven and for all of eternity. Satan asked the question again to Eve as recorded in the 3rd chapter of Genesis,

“Has God really said you cannot eat from every tree in the garden?”

 Posing the question is undermining the authority of God’s Word and causing doubt to enter the mind of man. This question caused Eve to sin and Adam followed. The rest, as you know, is history. But Satan didn’t stop there; The question was presented to Jesus in the desert, questioning again the oneness of God and the absolute authority of the Word. Jesus replied

“AS IT IS WRITTEN….Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”.

 In other Words…’Gods Word Is Written and it is forever settled in heaven, you can refute it if you want to, you can question its authority, you can doubt its authenticity and you can even discard its prominence, but the Word of God WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE!!! Here in lies the problem; Satan is still asking these questions. He has even asked  and has posed this question to the Church today….”has God really said, ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’?” As for me, I believe the WORD today and have refused to give ear to the BIG LIE. Gods Power has not diminished, God is still in control and as long as I try to MAKE it happen, I will be bound to self and bound to fail (Rom 7:7-24), but if I allow Gods Spirit to work in my life there will be liberty and victory and peace.

 The Bible…..Read It, Hide It, Live it. Its Good For The Soul.

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