The Lord is My Song

000528037_prevstill The LORD is my strength and song, and is become my salvation. Psalms 118:14


I think that most everyone has a favorite song. Or several favorite songs. Music is, and has always been, an important part of mans culture since the dawn of time. And for good reason; Music is moving, music sparks our emotions, music makes us “feel” a certain way. Some songs move us to tears, others bring joy or even anger. For the musician songs are a way of expressing their hearts. Your favorite song is your favorite because it brings comfort to your spirit, the notes resonate within your heart and the lyric speaks to your soul.

King David was a song writer and a musician. He understood the power of the “song”. He used music to express his feelings. Whether they were feelings of thankfulness, praise, fear or regret. David used music to express himself to the world and he used music to sooth his soul. It was Davids harp that soothed the tormented soul of Saul. Music is a powerful way to move people. Songs have become anthems for nations. They have been used in battle to encourage the men of war. Songs have been the catalyst to start revolutions and even used to end oppression.

So, out of all the songs that David had heard or played or written, ,the song writer of Gods people, Gods prophetic composer. If you asked David “what is your song David, which one moves you more than another song?” his reply is provided in Psalms 118:14 “the Lord is my song”. Wow, consider this for a moment; nothing moves David more than the Lord, nothing resonates within his spirit more than the Lord.

What motivates you to battle? Davids reply “the LORD”.

What captivates your emotions? “the LORD is my song”

What soothes a tormented heart? “the LORD is my song”

What is your anthem David? “the LORD is my anthem and my song”

What song brings you confidence and strength? “The LORD is my strength and my song”

Whats YOUR song David, the one that moves you more than any other song? “The LORD is my SONG”

I want the Lord to be my song today. Imagine that if the Lord was your song you would sing it all day long. You would wake up with the tune on your mind, you could not wait to hear your song again and again. Your SONG would become your anthem, your banner, your strength.

Let the Lord become your song today.

“The Lord is My Song” by Rev. Harry Morgan

Minister at Hope Tabernacle

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