What’s With The Dress Bro?



In the heat of the Kentucky same sex marriage debate with Kim Davis, USA Today asked a question; What is an Apostolic Christian and why is Kim Davis’ hair so long? .  Focusing on the latter part of their question “why is Kim Davis’ hair so long?’ and why does she wear skirts? as noted within the article –  allow me to help answer their questions with a couple of questions.


  1. Why did Bruce Jenner grow his hair long and put on a dress?
  2. Why do transgender woman cut their hair short and only wear pants?

I believe that the answer to these two questions will help us understand why Kim Davis (who is a woman) has long hair and wears a skirt. But what about the apostolic men? Within the article, USA Today made a comment that really did not set well with me. They stated that the Apostolic women “looked different” but the Apostolic men were not required to dress any different than anyone else. I want to take a moment to address this topic.
1. The Apostolic “Dress Code” is not derived from a church organization but is derived from the Bible.

2. The Biblical dress code set forth by the Apostles is for both men and women. The question asked is “Why do apostolic women have long hair?”, but the question should be “why do apostolic men have short hair and apostolic women have long hair?”. 1 Corinthians 11 lays out this standard for both men and women. Men are to have short hair and women are to have long (more specifically UN-cut) hair. This standard did not start in the New Testament but began all the way back in the order of creation. God has always required his people to dress with gender distinction (Deuteronomy 22:5). Both Men and Women.

3. Clothing styles set forth in the Bible are to be modest. This apply to both men and women. If you see a man wearing tight/short shorts and no shirt…this would not be considered modest, therefore would not be apostolic. Most apostolic men do not wear “skinny jeans”, short shorts (or shorts at all) and tank tops. Nor do most apostolic men wear jewelry or lavish shoes/suites, but rather, they wear clothes that are simple and not “showy”. Keeping with the “modest” principle set forth in scripture. (1 Tim 2:7-15, 1 Peter 3:1-5). 1 Peter 1:15 shows us that modesty (holiness) is a condition of the heart and holiness/modesty should affect every part of our lives. Our actions, our character everything should be effected by our walk with God including our outward appearance.

4. 70 years ago, apostolic women did not “look” different than any other women. Most women generally wore dresses/skirts and had long hair, while men wore pants and had short hair. Without going into a long historical background let me simply say that the culture changed and the clothing style also changed. Women began wearing pants, like the men, and women began to cut their hair like the men. But the apostolic women did not change with the trend. They continued to dress in women’s apparel. Not for the sake of fashion but for the sake of Biblical gender distinction.

5. Men have for years wore pants and generally have had short hair. This has been the norm. BUT!!!! I see a trend coming out of our culture that says ‘men don’t have to be men anymore’ and ‘it is acceptable for a man to wear a dress’. In Fact it is not only acceptable, but heroic. If this trend continues and the spirit of this world continues to try and completely erase Biblical gender distinction from both men and women…I can guarantee you that our Apostolic Men will no longer look like every other man in North America. Furthermore, I see a day when a man wearing pants and having short hair will look a little out of place and out of style.

Caitlyn-Jenner6. The man in the picture (BTW THIS IS NOT A WOMAN AND NEVER WILL BE) is not apostolic. I can tell just by looking at him. His outward appearance does not line up with Biblical teachings of holiness or gender distinction. And just to reiterate further observation; If clothing style does not dictate gender distinction, then why would this man grow his hair long and put on a dress? Obviously, he wants to dress and look like a woman and he knows that his clothing style helps define his gender.

This is in no way designed to be an exhaustive Bible study on the issues of Holiness, gender distinction or modesty. There are many other resources available for further study. More Resources by JR Ensey. 

-Pastor David Whitaker

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